The Siekers - Texas


Rolf & Beate recorded a new CD at Cinderella Studio in Nashville, Tennessee. Cinderella is Rolf's favorite studio in Nashville where the legendary Area Code 615 and Barefoot Jerry albums were recorded. Rolf played the banjo he got from Bobby Thompson and recorded in the same sound booth and with the same microphone Bobby used when he recorded with Area Code 615. Beate played Bobby Thompson's guitar during the sessions.

The new CD contains original songs and instrumentals along with songs written by Texas songwriters. It's a mix of Americana and Bluegrass.

Helping out on the new CD were some of Nashville's greatest studio musicians, Tony Rice - guitar, Stuart Duncan - fiddle & mandolin, Wayne Moss - bass, Kenny Malone - drums & percussion and John Moss - engineer, along with superb Austin musicians Alex Rueb - mandolin and Eric Hokkanen - fiddle.



         Tony & Beate                                              Beate, Tony, Kenny & Rolf



Beate, Rolf, Kenny & Wayne                                           Kenny & Beate



                                       Stuart, Beate & Rolf                                                          Kenny



Wayne                                                                    Rolf



               John                                                           Stuart